Tuesday, 10 July 2012


The days when I could get my Arts and Crafts fix with Josh seem to be drawing to a close, he's nearly 8 and much more interested in sports and video games than glitter and tissue paper. Shame.
So yesterday whilst in the haberdashery buying wool for my mum to knit me a cushion, I happened across the button section.
I bloody love buttons.
A while ago I had the idea that revamping some of my converse with a few buttons might look a bit cool, and with all the different coloured and patterned plastic discs in front of me, I splashed out. As it happens, I got home and told my mum what I was doing and she reminded me of her little button box. Happy doesn't begin to cover it. The particular pair I made over are super, super old so I wasn't too fussed about potentially fucking them up so I dived in with the superglue.
My brother thinks they look ridiculous and like something a small child might wear.
But tell someone who gives a shit.
I think they're totally awesome.

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