Thursday, 20 September 2012

A blog with no title

I got a 2:2 in my first year of uni. If this blog was graded, I'd get like, a 3:3. (Is that a thing? How do uni grades go after the 2's? Must look inbto this.)
This blog, like my life, lacks purpose somewhat. It has no specific topic, niche or audience. But then, I don't want to put myself into a box, do I? Incidentally if I did, it would be a tastefully shabby chic storage solution. I bloody love storage.
I found the bullet pointed list that my friend made me the night she encouraged me, (read: handcuffed me to a radiator and hit me with a toilet brush), to start blogging. Now Emily is quite the clever little friend, and there are some good ideas in said list. Some questionable ones as well. Either way, I'm going to do everything she suggested. That's twelve things. Holy moly. I'm as yet unsure if this isn't just a complex procrastination tool that I am creating for myself now that the start of term is in touching distance. Only time - and my grades - will tell.

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