Monday, 7 May 2012

Because who doesn't love those documentaries about hoarders?

"I very rarely never clear out my car, so when I do, strange things are found, things you might never expect to find in a car. A selection of things found today include:
  • Two corsets (One black, the other ivory and patterned)
  • Black patent stilettos (Slightly scuffed)
  • Five Happy Meal Toys (Broken)
  • Deflated balloon (McDonalds)
  • Mini top hat fascinator (adorned with feathers)
  • White frilly ‘Moulin Rouge’ bloomers (V. frilly)
  • Pride and Prejudice (Slightly annotated, severely defaced)
  • Two packets of sweets, contents of which melted and congealed (Percy Pigs)
  • A3 sketchpad (Sketches - not so good)
  • Glass stone which I have never seen before in my life (mysterious)
  • Two bras (Both black, one is ‘stick on’)"
I found this gem of a list on an old blog of mine (because, y'know, that's an exciting thing to blog about, right?). It is dated nearly two years ago, and the only reason I have deemed it acceptable to re-publish is that the two corsets, frilly bloomers and glass stone are actually still in my boot. Two years on. I have a different car but the same junk.

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