Sunday, 19 August 2012


I'm really lucky because my auntie - not my actual auntie, but my known-from-birth-auntie whom I love - is manager of a hair and beauty warehouse* and sometimes gets me awesome little things to try out.
When nail wraps first became a thing, I was really dubious and never tried them because I thought they were a waste of money when I do my own patterns anyway. HOWEVER...
Today she brought me a pack of 3D wraps, and despite being quite the genius, I can't create actual jewels with a bottle of nail varnish and a cocktail stick (yet).
They were a lot easier to put on than I thought, they literally stick on. And they are so shiny. I love them.

Big shout out to ma main gal, Betty, a.k.a my tattoo, which makes a cameo in the photo due to the fact that it's sweltering and I don't cope well with clothes in hot weather. She is a year old this month!

*This is how I can afford so many OPI polishes, I'd be totes bankrupt otherwise. Oh, I sort of am anyway...

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